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Credit for self-employed comparison is necessary.

The self-employed and freelancers have a difficult time getting a loan. This applies regardless of whether you are looking for this loan in Germany or abroad. The main reason for this is very simple. Both groups of people have an irregular income and therefore do not have the collateral required by the banks.

If the conditions are right, it is quite possible to get a loan for the self-employed. In this case, however, it would be very important to obtain various offers and to take out a loan for the self-employed.

Compare loans

Compare loans

For a loan for self-employed comparison, the Internet is the first choice. Here, interested parties can find out within a few minutes which domestic or foreign banks, savings banks and Volksbanks offer a loan for the self-employed or freelancers and under what conditions this can be done. The annual percentage rate, which includes not only the bank’s borrowing rate, but also the costs of borrowing and fees during the term of the loan play a very important role.

There can be various reasons why a self-employed entrepreneur or a freelancer wants to take out a loan. In this context, a clear distinction should be made as to whether this loan should be used for business or private purposes. A personal loan is freely available, but must never be used to finance business investments.

Application, approval and repayment

Application, approval and repayment

Anyone who has carried out a loan for self-employed comparison and has found a suitable loan can apply for it online at any time. There are very few banks that do not offer this option and insist that the customer apply for a loan in the bank branch. Regardless of how the application is handled in a specific individual case, all borrowers must meet certain requirements.

This includes an impeccable Credit Bureau information and a sufficiently high income. The latter must also be available from an independent entrepreneur. If, after reviewing all application documents, the bank concludes that it can approve the loan, it will make the payment within a few hours. The repayment modalities are individually regulated and detailed in a loan agreement.

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