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How to negotiate debts and not get a dirty name?

Have the dirty name on the market one of the biggest headaches a consumer has. This restriction prevents the performance of various activities that are part of everyday life, such as buying an appliance through a credit card, applying for a mortgage, renting a property or requesting a card the credit. The good news to clear your name possible. It is enough to have determination to negotiate your debts and, above all, not to make new debts. Here’s how to negotiate debts and not get your name dirty.


Build a proposal to negotiate debts

negotiate debts

Before you even negotiate debts important to set up a payment proposal that is appropriate for your reality. For this, It is important to list all your debts, with the respective creditors and values. Start with the ones that charge the highest interest, such as credit card revolving and overdraft. When putting together a proposal It is also important to take into account the amount you currently pay for interest on each debt you have. This data essential for you to decide which doubt to start trading with. Your monthly income and also the money you have available to enter the settlement process are also factors that must be considered when setting up the proposal.


Talk to the lender

debt loans

Contact and talk to the lender the next step is to negotiate debts and clear your name. Despite some financial institutions already offer the most suitable online debt renegotiation feature contact creditors personally. This is because proposals via the Internet tend to be standardized. What works for a customer may not be the best option for you. As much as you are want to clear your name or don’t you dirty, it is important not to be intimidated during the conversation with the creditor. Do not accept, for example, having to hire services to renegotiate life. It is important to be firm, to show that you are willing to resolve the issue in terms that are suitable for both parties.


Opt for a negotiation that you want. be able to pay

credit negotiation that you want. be able to pay

After talking to the lender, the next step to negotiate life analyze the terms of the agreement and choose a negotiation that you really get to pay. See if the proposal has too high values ​​and just lengthens your debt, with the debt divided into several installments. Keep in mind that the more installments you have to pay, the higher the interest. Ask which one the interest rate charged to make sure it is not above the market average. Always try to pay your life in the shortest time possible, according to your possibilities and with a portion value that really fits in your pocket. If you have any money saved, check the possibility of making an entry what slaughtered in the total amount of the debt.

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