Benefits and importance of using Polyurea Grease

This video demonstrates how polyurea can be used to line the steel tank as rusted completely through the owner said this truck leaked so badly. It could not be used on public roads. This tank was about ten years old and, as you can see, it had severe rust. In fact, there's several areas that had scale rust on had to be mechanically removed from the tank before we could actually sandblast it. Here a hammer is being used to remove the scale Russian, the tank, removing it makes sandblasting much more efficient here the tank is being sandblasted, the sandblasting is complete and the metal has been primed in preparation for the lining system. You can see several holes, they have rusted completely through the tank. These holes are repaired using polyurea, geotextile and metal. Here you can see the holes in the top of the tank or is rusted completely through. Here are some shots of the polyurea on the outside of the tank and on the inside. Polyuria has estimated life spans as high as 75 years on a water tank like this, it will most likely outlast the truck. Keep us in mind for any of your lining or coding needs southeastern industrial linings. Give me a call at 40 for 62 64 771. My name is David Puckett and thanks for watching our video

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