Spray Foam and Polyurea Insulate and Protect Hot Wax Tanks

This week we visit green life, energy solutions, a division of national spray, foam and coatings. The company is nor pack Inc, the location is Newark New Jersey. The job is to refurbish these large steel tanks and insulate them and cover them with a durable, polyurea protective coating. There are eight tanks and all the tanks were originally covered, an old fiberglass insulation that did not hold up to the environment. The tanks are used to store hot liquid wax for processing to various OEM products, such as wax paper. The job starts with an abrasive blast. Cleaning and surface preparation of the dirty steel tanks dry ice was selected as the blast media, based on its ease of cleanup, low residual mess and its high quality performance in cleaning the steel tanks. Once the tanks are blasted to a clean surface, a very thin coat of primer is applied to aid in the adhesion of the spray foam spray foam insulation is perfect for insulating industrial tanks, where liquids are kept hot or cold. The foam insulation can save the plant owners multiples of what the original cost is over the life of the tanks. On a side note, this job came as a referral from a related wax plant where they saw a market decrease in their utility bills after insulating their tanks, with spray foam, the owner of that plant told norpac of their energy saving successes, and this job was specified In order to stand up to the high operational temperatures of the tanks, this particular application specified emelec USA's special high temperature capable spray foam. Once the foam is applied to all the tanks, they are covered with a top coat of poly urea for durability and easy cleanup and maintenance. We thank Ken Ryan and his crew at green life, energy solutions and national spray, foam and coatings Inc for letting us into film. Yet another great application of spray foam and polyurea coatings.

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